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CCP can design a total compensation philosophy and plan for your organization, so that your program supports your company’s goals and objectives.

CCP can design and help you implement the full range of compensation programs that are competitive, innovative and cost-effective to translate your strategy into action.

CCP brings broad global experience managing compensation in over 30 countries to the table. We customize corporate guiding principles to meet local market needs where it makes sense.

CCP can design performance goals and assessments to guide your rewards programs and further your company’s success, creating a positive, dynamic work culture within your organization.

CCP can provide tools, training and media to communicate compensation and performance programs effectively throughout your organization.

Expert Compensation and Performance Management Solutions

Compensation and performance are key players in creating
the culture of your company and its success in the marketplace.

Chin Compensation & Performance can guide you through the process of defining everything from broad organizational goals to individual roles and performance objectives. We assess and define skills and abilities to optimize talent. We design affordable, flexible and attractive pay ranges and incentive programs to inspire and recognize outstanding performance. And we provide you with the training and tools to communicate effectively.

Compensation Management Guidelines – for every compensation decision

Competitive Market Analysis – base, fixed compensation, incentives and equity

Custom Surveys – data, programs and practices

Executive Compensation – from proxy or job analysis to Board-ready recommendations

Incentive Compensation – motivational, innovative, cost-effective and understood

Job Descriptions - clear, inspiring, relevant, defensible

Legal Compliance and Program Audits - ADA, Equal Pay Act, FLSA, etc.

Mergers and Acquisitions – due diligence, program comparisons, integration

Program Communications, Guides, and Policy Manuals - full range of materials to motivate organization-wide commitment to programs and objectives

Performance Management Programs – goal-setting, results evaluation and development planning

Program Recommendations – to make your philosophy and strategy real

Salary Structure Design – competitive, cost-effective, easy to administer and understand

Total Compensation Philosophy – to fit your unique business needs, now and in the future



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