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We tailor solutions to fit each organization’s unique culture, strategy, business needs and budget. No job is too small!


Expert Compensation and Performance Management Solutions

Working from these foundational principles and competencies, we customize our approach to the specific nature of each project to give you the best value to meet your needs.

We take the time to get to know your company and its culture, and see our role as an adjunct member of your staff, checking in and available around the clock when needed. We view “no job as too small,” and will do whatever it takes to provide timely, high quality, cost-effective, enduring results.

With a successful change management track record in very different cultures and industries, CCP is able and willing to play whatever role is needed to assure project sponsorship and knowledge transfer to your staff. Our goal is to give you programs which are easy to communicate and administer, which inspire confidence and a sense of ownership within your company, and are flexible to meet changing needs.

Everyone we work with at your company is our customer. We value their unique expertise and perspectives in developing the optimal solutions for your company. We are also willing to affiliate with or recommend alternative resources as required to give you the best value.

We base our consulting work on current best practices, keeping up-to-date on the issues and trends necessary to provide you with competitive, outstanding programs and tools. We provide alternatives for your consideration, presenting a business case and sound rationale, which incorporate our knowledge and expertise, as well as your unique business and cultural requirements.


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