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Are you getting the most out of every compensation dollar?

Do you have a dynamic work environment that promotes the best in every employee?

Are you attracting the employees you want?

Are you losing good people, having problems with turnover?

Are you in compliance with current labor laws?

What is new

Performance-based variable pay programs are becoming even more prevalent to reward employees at all levels. Approximately 80% of companies offer broad-based variable pay. Average budgets are generally 4-5% for non-exempt employees and 10-12% for exempt employees (all levels combined) below executives. It is also a best practice to offer an upside for superior corporate and individual performance. Companies often favor incentive pay to create better alignment between corporate, team and individual performance, and increase employee engagement. This tactic allows companies to vary compensation costs based on results.

Creating a Culture of Recognition and Celebration
Companies have renewed interest in non-financial ways to reward and enhance performance and retain their “keepers.” Recognition programs are one way to accomplish this. Best practices in designing these programs include:

  • Ensuring that the recognition and reward program promotes achievement of key business objectives while reinforcing the organization’s desired culture and values;
  • Creating a program with multiple award levels based on the value of employees’ contributions;
  • Communicating the program using multiple media and forums; and
  • Measuring the R&R program’s use and success.

The right recognition program can help transform an organization!


Expert Compensation and Performance Management Solutions

Chin Compensation & Performance, LLC is a consulting firm dedicated to providing you with the top-of-the-line in competitive, innovative, cost-effective and clear compensation and performance management programs.

Chin Compensation & Performance, LLC is a Boston-based “boutique” consulting firm, offering compensation and performance management for both small businesses and large corporations at every stage of their growth.

Combining insight and experience, CCP works within each company’s unique environment to research, assess, design and implement visionary goals and strategies and motivational programs to maintain your business’ competitive edge in line with your budget and the best practices for your industry.

With a proven track record of success, including more than twenty years of expertise in over thirty countries and across five industries, we provide individually-tailored solutions to a wide range of compensation and performance challenges, and at a fraction of the cost of larger firms.
For you, this means more value—less work!

Whether you need a comprehensive compensation or performance management program or are simply in need of efficient, knowledgeable extra hands for short-term needs, we provide the thought leadership and hands-on skills to meet your budget and your needs.

No job is too small!


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